Zenobia Wedding Studios

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New England, around the country, and internationally. The studio was founded by lead photographer Jennifer Doumato Lamy and has since expanded to include associate shooters, Kendall Pavan, Jamie Ivans, and Jenna Rodrigues.
Our approach to wedding photography is simple. We strive to create something special and unique at each event, and we always, always, keep the experience fun for you. We use a combination of years of experience, special lighting, top quality equipment, and really, really hard work to create your wedding photographs, and the sky is the limit as to how creative we can be. The most important creative tool that we have, however, is your personality as a couple. The more insight you give us into who you are, the more we can translate that into images that will take your breath away, and which will tell your story. It is never our goal to simply recycle poses and shot lists. For us, conventionality is a four-letter word.